Welcome to October CMS!

LiteCart e-CommerceWhat is October?

Welcome to the October introduction, October is a Content Management System built using PHP and it’s based on the Laravel Framework. October’s simplicity, flexibility, and modern design have everything you need for a stunning website project and nothing you don’t. It isn’t bloated with features that you don’t need. It brings you the power of Laravel with the simplicity of pure HTML.

October's Philosophy

There is a quote from Albert Einstein that expresses our philosophy the best: "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler".

Web development is actually very easy, a lot of people already know the HTML basics. Websites are also simple by nature, they are based on text files. Somewhere along the way people forgot about this. The vision we have is to make web development simple [again] and prove that making websites is not rocket science, it is something for everybody. We want to get back to basics, to where it all began, bringing with us the things that are obvious, natural and useful.