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E-Commerce software enables business owners to easily manage numerous elements of the online sales process for the benefit of the consumer. E-Commerce professional developers use e-commerce systems to provide an optimal shopping experience for their client’s customers.

As the modern online shopping experience becomes increasingly complex, often requiring many decisions on the part of the consumer. User-friendly e-commerce systems are indispensable to make sure sales are painless.

Our recommended e-commerce systems categories encompasses a variety of solutions.

LiteCart e-Commerce What is LiteCart?

Open-source e-Commerce platform designed to work out of the box.
Created by Tim International

LiteCart is an open-source e-commerce platform built with PHP that empowers online shop owner to focus less on their shop and more on their business. It’s blazing fast, lite-weight, and responsive, e-Commerce solution packed with loads of functionality out of the box.

LiteCart is a company inspired by the best of worlds and what could have done better in alternative e-commerce solutions. Born out of 7+ years of e-commerce consulting, LiteCart was founded around one basic principle, listen to its users, and build upon community input to fulfill a stable feature-rich platform.

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