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Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance - And Everything In Between!

Hi, I'm John of Jinux-Web and I'm an experienced freelance web developer and web designer based in Texas. Working with small businesses of all shapes and sizes all over the United States, I design and build high-quality business websites and e-commerce websites to suit even the smallest budgets.

Most of my website designs are built using the world's most popular Content Management Systems such as; Grav, October, and WordPress which enables our clients to make changes to the website long after the web developer has finished the project.

I work very closely with my clients to design and build a website or redesign a website that will get your business seen! My clients see an average rise of around 150% - 300% in website traffic after I have finished building and optimizing their site and this means one thing, more customers, more leads and more sales, a good ROI.

I build stunning creative websites and themes that get results...

I Build Creative Websites

Web Design

A website is about more than just a few pretty pictures and content. In order for your website to be as effective as possible, it may require some advanced functionality. I build with modern techniques, using PHP, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, choosing the right tools for the job are paramount to delivering the best user experience that best suits the requirements of your business.

I build hand-crafted website design, tailored for a refined user experience that is modern, semantic, and efficient.

Web Design

Agency Quality, at fair Freelancer Rates

All the quality and expertise you would expect from an Agency, but at a fraction of the price!

I take great pride and passion in delivering an honest and professional service at surprisingly fair prices. First impressions go a long way, and this is especially true when it comes to the design of your website. This is why it’s critical to have a visually stunning website that’s easy to navigate, and that can effectively convey your message.


Per Hour


Per Day


Budgeted Project

What's so Great About My Websites?

If you’re looking for a personal website, a small business website, or a more complex website or a fully-fledged e-Commerce website, then you can be confident of exceptional quality as standard all the time, every time.

Website Standards;

  • Beautiful Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Easy To Update
  • Fair Prices

Bespoke Includes;

  • Content migration
  • SEO and submission to Google
  • Analytics installed
  • Rigorous browser testing

What I Offer as a Freelance Web Developer

Web Design

Web Design

It’s great to have a clean-looking website essential for first impressions and bring in new business. I will build you a creative stunning and modern website that will help take your business to the next level of success. I can take your existing website and redesign or rebuild your website with the latest technologies. Most people in the last year are undertaking a website rebuild to ensure that they are mobile responsive.

Web Development

Web Development

I build clean-functional websites that perform. The site’s performance is streamlined for daily traffic flow to insure visitor conversion into a customer. My philosophy is absolute for website development, to build smooth functionality, fast, and lightweight, making a better user experience that brings a greater ROI.

Web Redesign

Web Redesign

I specialize in professional, bespoke website redesign, and website rebuild or upgrade services in Texas. I provide unique and creatively designed bespoke. (tailored) websites for my customers. We can take your existing website and redesign or rebuild your website with the latest technologies.

There comes a point for every website when they are faced with a crossroads. It’s at this point where you the website owner will have to make a decision on how exactly to rejuvenate and breathe new life into your website. It’s at this point where you will decide whether you should choose a website redesign or a website rebuild.



An e-Commerce websites allow customers to buy services or products online. Whether it’s a booking website or just a shopping cart, standard or non-standard, I can do it. I have years developing payment gateways and shopping experiences for our customers and can recommend the best way to proceed forward to suit your small business. It has become easier to sell online, and with jinux-web’s bespoke e-Commerce website design store, the process is absolutely painless.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Digital Marketing & SEO

A question I often get asked is How do I get to number one on Google? I offer high-quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in order to help your company increase its rankings on Google and other search engines, making sure that you reach as many potential customers as possible. Getting more web traffic to your website can be hugely beneficial to increasing sales, as you want your company’s online presence to reach as big an audience as possible.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
& Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

I can discuss with you on a range of web strategies that can develop and complement your traditional marketing methods, helping expand your business further into the online market place. I specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and can totally transform how you make the Internet work for your business.

Web Maintenance

Website Manage & Maintenance

Let us work together to make your website the best it can be.

Along with web design and web development, I also provide complete website management and web maintenance services. There are businesses today that do not have enough time to spend on updating, upload images, or maintaining their content. Often, maintaining your website gets pushed to one side as other day-to-day tasks take priority. This can result in websites to become stagnating or remaining dormant for weeks or months at a time – something which can negatively impact your Google search rankings.

Web Management

Typically today, for businesses who do not have time or staff to keep their website up-to-date with the changing pace of the internet. This includes basic system core updates to your website: all patches, and security updates, along with all plugin updates, fixing minor code issues, website speed, and more.

Website Maintenance

I can help businesses who want scheduled changes on a monthly or weekly basis. I provide reporting and performance on changes and updates.

I can assist you with any queries you may have, and also provide backups of your site in case the unimaginable happens! Also, Jinux-Web will ensure your website software is up to date by installing latest versions and patches, keeping your site secure, and giving you peace of mind.

Website Design, Website Development, Website Maintenance - And Everything In Between!

I offer a range of website design services, including bespoke website design, custom website development (in Grav, October, and Wordpress), and also website maintenance. I build creatively modern, intuitive, and visually stunning websites that rank well in Google, and load promptly - using the latest coding technologies to make sure your site looks outstanding but also functions properly.

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