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What Is LiteCart eCommerce

LiteCart is an innovation built for simplicity, lightweight, and high performance shopping cart. It’s a solution design with the goal of providing convenience concerning both usability and development for small business owners. It combines basic e-commerce features with advanced functionality and user-friendly interface wrapped up in a lightweight package makes it a perfect choice for small to medium-sized online businesses. The framework is built to be lightweight and easy for developers can change and build on the system Core.

LiteCart's Features

LiteCart derives from many years experience using different e-commerce platforms. It’s a new innovative free shopping cart platform developed in PHP. LiteCart’s was founded by Swedish developer T. Almroth, based on the latest modern technology such as PHP, jQuery, HTML 5, and CSS 3. With a logical design and a simple to use interface, its framework is constructed to be lightweight and easy for users and developers to modify and build upon.

View a live stores; and  SUMMERBEE

LiteCart, built on PHP framework. It’s lightweight, and fast platform built with a creative user in mind, transforming mundane product entry tasks into effortless work flow process. LiteCart is an ideal tool whether you are starting your online shop or self-employed small business. This combination offers the perfect mesh of simplicity, speed, and security.

If you're not up to speed on HTML language and you want to update your own website’s content without breaking the look. Its accomplish easily by using LiteCart’s built in text editor. You can format your text, include images or make a word bold with a few clicks. The product content coding is made easy.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of increasing the websites page ranking assigning visibility on search engine results page. In other words getting your website to be at the top of page on Google.

Our Web Design Service

Creating engaging user-experience through beautiful and functional designs is what we believe in at Jinux-Web.

Our creative web design starts with understanding your goals, your industry, and your target audience. With this as the driving focus of creating your cutting-edge web design that leads into an outstanding appeal. We design from scratch a bespoke or custom redesign from a starter template you like, so every little web element reflects the image of your brand. From conception to launch, our web design company offers a complete web design service. We can turn peoples and small businesses dream into reality by sketching your ideas to create a digital website accomplishment.

And our web services don’t stop there be sure to check out our   maintenance plans,   Managed Hosting and   Maintenance Hosting . We here when you need us.

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LiteCart Support

Supporting you with peace of mind each month

We take care of many customers websites, as well as our own and offer affordable management and maintenance hosting packages to suit your business goals for LiteCart as well as many other eCommerce systems.

We’ll provide management and maintenance for your website. With our managed and maintenance cloud hosting platform, we’ll take away all the technical complexities, letting you focus on growth and success of your business, and we’ll focus on your website allowing you complete peace of mind.

Why Choose Managed or Maintenance Hosting?

They are many big hosting providers that store hundreds of websites on a shared server. If only one, out those hundred of sites uses a lot of resources your website can suffer. We cap our hosting at twenty websites per 120GB server which improves server stability, density, and security. We can isolate each customer’s website and subdomains into a separate Lightweight Virtualized Environment, which partitions, and allocates server resource per customer.

Managed Website Hosting Packages

Many people and small business purchase inexpensive website hosting packages from GoDaddy or Hostgator on one of their shared servers with you then being responsible for installing your site, setting up emails and managing backups.

We take care of listed items above for you; we’ll make a copy of your website and move it to one of our US-based servers. We’ll watch your site 24/7/365 and set-up your email addresses for you and make sure backups taken nightly. Our goal to take the everyday worry out of managed web hosting at an affordable cost.

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Website Maintenance Hosting Packages

Having a website is a great tool that promots your business and essential in today’s digital market. A website gives your customers key insight into who you are and what your business is, and what it sells. For your website to be successful is only when customers can find it.

If your latest posts or product post is several months old, your customer’s may think you’ve not been keeping up with the latest trends.

We know it takes time to create products and publish article in-house and even more time spent on posting them or updating them on your site. You may only have limited time to update your products or posts, and then make sure it looks great on your site.

This is where we can help you, with your product’s or post about information supplied to us, we will crate, post or update. With our maintenance cloud hosting, we’ll take away all the technical complexities, letting you focus on growth and success of your business, and we’ll focus on your website allowing you complete peace of mind.

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